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SURVIRAL _ The project

Take awareness viral,

make information vital

Imagined within four walls during a period of confinement, Surviral was born out of the desire to share useful information in the most honest and concrete way possible to help readers best handle stressful situations.

In moments of crisis, Surviral is there to help as wide a readership as possible, starting with us, spreading to our friends, our families, and touching all those we are connected with.

Our content, widely accessible and complementary, shares critical analysis via constructive means that brings together and parses through the vast sea of daily media.

Finding a positive balance in the vertigo that comes out of the chaos of our current situation is a key step in allowing us to change everything, and for the better. We are called to do our part, seeking out a conscious commitment capable of making cultural and intellectual awareness more catching than a virus.

That is why our logo, if it recalls the outline of the Coronavirus, is also meant to represent an active, participatory network in which a multitude of individuals and independent groups are connected via a solid core.

Our mission thanks to our articles is to create a vital momentum capable of surviving all deadly conditions.

A new form of viral conscience.

Ideas, suggestions, tips to share? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The editors at Surviral would be happy to hear your ideas.

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